Video Interviews with Princeton Faculty

Princeton faculty make both subtle and substantial innovations to their teaching. They may choose to teach an area of study from a new perspective or lens; to design an assignment that asks students to exercise creativity as well as analytic rigor; to gather feedback from students through new mechanisms; or to put the process of discovery more firmly in their students’ hands. We will spotlight four professors’ innovations during Princeton Teaching Week, with a new video interview released daily between March 4 and March 7.

March 4: Laura Kalin (Linguistics) describes how she revised a Linguistics course to put the intellectual discovery in her students’ hands

March 5: Joshua Guild (History and African American Studies) describes a new, non-standard assignment type he introduced into an African American history course

March 6: Brian Herrera (Lewis Center for the Arts) presents an innovative approach to designing a syllabus

March 7: Maria Garlock (Civil and Environmental Engineering) reflects on how teaching an online course changed her approach to lecturing